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UonConnect is a piece of UX design created to simulate how the process of establishing and maintaining connections by and with university students can be made easier so said students can make the most out of their university experience.

Image 1 - White Background.JPG

This design is of particular importance as it represents who I am and who I want to be as a designer. With every project I do and with every design I create it is always has been and will be my intention to help others and to impact their lives in a positive and meaningful way.

This inspiration behind this piece of work came from my desire to make the focus of my major project for my university degree to be about creating a piece of design with the intention of assisting others. This project was completed over a couple of months and as such the focus was made more specific to be assisting university students establish and maintain connections with other university students.

UonConnect will also serve as a visual reminder that more goes on behind the scenes during the creation of a design than anyone will ever know. The planning, researching, interviewing, user testing and feedback sessions are only but a few of the aspects of creating a piece of UX/UI design that have to be considered and integrated into the creative process.

Draft 6 - Final Design.JPG


TJ Construction is the title belonging to the first design job for a client outside of university. The client reached out to me through a friend of mine enquiring to the possibility of myself designing a logo for their construction business. 

Upon accepting and over the course over a few days I mocked up numerous variations with the client’s requests in mind and my own knowledge of what an effective logo and design looks like and behaves. I believe in any job involving having at least a few variations so the client has a wider range of styles and identities to choose from so they will pick the one they feel best represents what they are looking for.

This particular project was an extremely valuable experience in learning how to interact with a client, maintaining consistent and effective communication and establishing the cost of undertaking the job.

Admittedly at first the project was nerve-wracking however the nervous aspect was overcome so both myself and the client were pleased with the outcome.



Arty Jobs is the title of a group project conducted by myself, Ben Crocker and Kaitlyn Dierilkx. The objective of this project was to design an identity and branding concept for a website prototype to assist artists in the local Hunter area to post and accept job offers.

My core role in this project was of research and wayfinding. I conducted interviews and conversations with the target audience – 30 years to 60 years – as well as user testing to ensure developments and adjustments to the designed website worked in ensuring when future users operate on the website they find it informative and easy to navigate. A more detailed example of the interviews I conducted included asking the target audience what they do to source jobs both in terms of posting and investigating jobs and any positives or negatives they encountered.

I also participated in the design and layout of the website prototype however the credit for those need to be given to the talents of Ben and Kaitlyn.

I chose this project to feature in my portfolio due to two reasons. Reason one being this was the first project I was a part of in which the deliverables being designed were for a client in a real life situation. I found the process and experience of working with a client extremely insightful and valuable as I received a taste of what an aspect of my future career will be like. Reason two of my decision to include this project in my portfolio is that it represents my interest in research and wayfinding. I also have the desire to build upon my skill set in those areas as well as layout design.

Information Pop Up.JPG

My passion in design and why I create is I want to positively impact as many lives as possible and I know projects like this one have the ability and potential to do just that.



This particular design is one with a personal touch as it is the logo I designed for my best friend’s music brand. She contacted me with a rough sketch and some found images that I turned into a series of designs. There were 9 in total with slight variations in each as I wanted her to have a wide rage of options to choose from so she could pick the design that she felt best represented her brand and what she was looking for.



From start to finish the process of designing the logo and the client making a selection took just over an hour. This logo is an example of how I am able to create a design to the client’s satisfaction in a short period of time as well as my determination to create a wide variety of options so a client has as much choice as possible throughout the design process.

One of my core interests as a graphic designer is that of logo design. It is definitely a path I will explore and develop



Experience Endless Possibilities

Spectrum is the title of one of the many group projects I have participated in over the course of my university degree at the University of Newcastle. The project consisted of designing a ‘design event’ from scratch. Therefore the deliverables included considering the space the event would take place in, who would be there, a branding and identity concept, a working website prototype and merchandise including banners, tote bags, tickets, and clothing.

My role in this project included creating one of the main designs used, information on a few of the 12 designers required, the booklet for the event and the website prototype. I worked with two others in this project Caitlin Page and Anna Thompson who – with constant input and collaboration amongst all of us – designed the merchandise and the remaining branding, identity concept, map and designer information and upon delivering to me I input their designs and information into the website prototype and booklet design.




This is a bit of a creative outlet piece. I have a few like this one where throughout a semester at university if I'm stuck on a design or I've been working on a project for a long period of time and I need a break from it and/or I need to design something for nothing and no reason at all I'll begin a piece like this one and keep adding whenever I need an escape.

I've always been drawn to the beauty of architecture. The geometric patterns and textures of an urban setting have always been fascinating and intriguing to me and designing settings like this one have always been the perfect way for me to switch off and create something fun.

Been designing and altering this piece for a couple of months. Will I keep adding to it? Probably. When? No idea, and that's exactly what I like about this design.